Kenney Real Estate Group

GREAT REALTOR! He will find the Best deals to meet your needs!

Girard Homes, Inc.

Thank you! Your patience, loyalty to our needs and professionalism was and is greatly appreciated. We are VERY grateful for your help!

We love our home!


Becky & Family

Thank you Jim!  SO MUCH!

You really help me through my first time buying my house.

Really grateful!

Kelly K.

Thank you. The craftsmanship and your focus on our requirements and needs were everything you promised.

Rachnich P

You didn't need to ask for our recommendation. We are both happy and proud that we found you to build our new home. Thank you for your patience and understanding of our concern for the many decisions we had to make. You did everything and more than we hoped. Thank you! We truly love our new house.

Mark & Debbie M

In the local real estate listings I could see that his listings were like the one I was considering and I knew that he understood the price points and market.

What I didn't know about Jim before I selected him was how much he did above and beyond what other brokers do. There was no problem that he couldn't handle or a finding a contact he could call on for expert advice.

If you like things direct and honest-Jim is great. He gets right to the point with no BS-I like that.

Jim navigated everything for me. As an out of state seller this was extremely helpful. I honestly don't think I could have sold this house with anyone other than Jim.

J. Bessette, CT.

Thank you! We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work. You certainly know your profession.

We will recommend you, for sure.

Dennis and Barbara L.

Thank you! I really appreciate your hard work in selling our properties.

We will certainly recommend you.

Thank you.

Ray P.


Thank you for all your help and advise with building our house. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!.

Lusty Family

Jim Kenney made buying my first house easy.

He was more than willing to help with any question I had along the way. I will be more than happy to recommend him to my friends and family for his professional and friendly service.

Eric L.

Thank You!

You did us right!!!!!

See you soon at our house.

Sasha and Rahib G.

Sasha H.

Thank you! We are so grateful that you will change your plan, to build for us again! Thank you SOOO! Much!

We will be happy now that we can count on your personal touch!

Caroline and Peggy M.

Caroline and Peggy M

We just wanted to say thank you. We appreciated all your professional work and guidance.

Best to you.

Allan and Terri B

Allan and Terri

This sucks to admit!!

You were right, I was wrong. But at least we came out ahead and you certainly got us more for our property than the other 2 companies we spoke to.


Kenney and Diana P.

Kenny and Diana P.

Thank you Jim!

We have made a new friend and you certainly earned our trust and faith with your hard work. BTW, get a life! You work far to many hours to have a personal life, but we are glad that we know you!


Amanda & Beth W.

Amanda & Beth W


We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work!  We are so thankful that we didn't rely on your competitions, less than flattering comments about you.

You truly are a godsend for our real estate needs.

Thank you!

Hector & Amanda S.

Hector and Amanda S.


We cannot THANK YOU enough for all your hard work. We heard some less than flattering innuendoes from your competition about you. We are glad we chose you! You certainly have a lot of envious competitors. Kevin's H.R. Department has our total recommendation to help any of his fellow workers moving into Western Mass. Thank you again. You never caved and getting over full price was wonderful.

Kevin & Heidi W. 

Kevin & Heidi W.


Jim went well above and beyond to sell my home! I am located in Alaska and therefore could not be present for any issues/problems that came up with my home. Jim took care of it for me before I even had to ask. He is excellent at his job!!

Michael S.

Michael S.


Jim Kenney always kept us informed on what was happening during the process of him trying to find a buyer for our property. He spent many hours showing the property to potential buyers.

He always explained to our satisfaction any documents requiring our signatures that were prepared necessary for the sale. Jim's years of experience and his pleasant personality, gave us the confidence that we had chosen the right realtor to get our property sold.

John & Linda S.

Palmer, MA

John & Linda S.

Thank you!

You got us far more for our family land than we ever thought was possible!

God Bless You!


Betsy W.


Thanks to you!

We realize we are not buyers who can afford a lot, but we are grateful to you for all your hard work to find us what we can afford!

Our kids really love this back yard, and we do also.

Thank you.

Kim and Terry R.

Thank you.

We both appreciate, you doing what you said. Thank you for your time, commitment and help.

Paul & Terri L.


Paul & Terri


Jim at Kenney Real Estate Group's best quality is he places the needs of his clients first. Jim worked so hard to make sure that we got the house that met our criteria. As first time home buyers, he made sure that every step of the process was clear and he was very knowledgeable when we turned to him for insights. When we got to a bump in the road, Jim was by our side, working hard around the clock. I recommend Jim to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. You will not be disappointed.

Courtney M.

Nick P. & Courtney M.


We really appreciate all the time, that you made

to help us find this wonderful home.

We both love the New England seasons.

Thank you for the wonderful service you provided.

                        GOD BLESS!


Mike & Marg W.


Our house is always open to you on Isle of Palms.

You promised that you would get us $356,000.00 more than the

offer we had previously received on our land!

Thank you, you kept your promise.

We believe now in your motto!

Thank you from our hearts!

George & Emily P.

George P.



You always took care of my business needs!

We are very happy and grateful that you are still looking

 out for all of us for our real estate/ business needs!

I would NEVER consider selling a property with out your advise.


Kathy H.

Kathy H.

Thank you!

We will look forward to assimilating into this

wonderful family community!

You truly kept your promises and alleviated

our potential stress! You certainly provided

the results you speak of!

See you at the pub!


Phylip and Jan

Phylip & Jan


THANK YOU! We were very hesitant at first in getting involved

in a new home with all the horror stories one hears, but you made

sure, as you promised, the process and results will be fun.

(except our L vs. P disputes on colors).

We love our new home!

Thank you.

Lisa K. & Paula G.

Lisa & Paula


We have told others of the wonderful experience that we had.

We are grateful for you being such a knowledgeable individual.

We felt the service warranted a word of gratitude.

Our sincere thanks,

Jeffrey G. and Tammy T.

Jeff G. & Tammy T.


Deb and I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how

happy we are in our new home. We are so grateful to have

such a beautiful home and are so fortunate to have had the

opportunity to work with such a gifted an kind person as you.

Thank you again for all your communication and attention

to detail. Our home is always open to you!

Thank you!

Carolyn + Deb

Carolyn & Deb.

I wish to express our thanks to you and the wonderful builder you recommended for the speedy, professional and cost effective progress that you orchestrated for us. He was certainly everything you promised and more in a custom builder.

Since this was the first time we have been involved in the building of a new home, and there have been many questions and decision points that we didn't recognize, and it really decreased our natural anxiety about unfamiliar matters to have you explain the process well in advance in a professional way, which has contributed greatly to the smooth flow of this project.

It's been my experience that people are quick to complain, but slow to praise when it is deserved. You have done a wonderful job, and we invite you to bring people who are contemplating using your team to view our home, and to share this letter, as you deem appropriate.

Well Done!


Attorney Joseph W.

Joe W.


Thank you again for finding us such a wonderful home.

Our entire family is very happy and we appreciate your

 patience, but I did warn you about our pickiness.

See you at our first Christmas party in this

Beautiful Home!

Thanks for everything!

Steve and Becky O'C

ps. we still owe you dinner!

Steve & Becky O'C



Thank you for the Wonderful closing dinner/ present.

You certainly exceeded what we were expecting

for help and directions. You definitely had our backs!

We can assure you that you will always be our

 first choice and highly recommended by all of us.

David & Barbara C.

David/ Barbara C.


Thank you Jim:

After far to many years of relocation, we are very grateful for

your personalized services.

We feel like we have made a new and true friend.

You really made, what we hope to be our last move,

to be our most relaxed and best experiences.

With sincere thanks

Paul and Betsey C.

Paul & Betsey C.